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Glossyblossom makes high quality gel nail & pedi strips that have SGS and REACH certifications that prove the products are made of safe materials. It is also the first and only brand that has K certification for kids gel nail strips so parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children using the products.

Glossyblossom has proprietary printing technology that makes the gel strips shine just like real gel nails done by professional nail artist. 


The Glossyblossom's gel nail strips became very popular in Korea by word of mouth as the customers have been very satisfied with the quality and design. Glossyblossom's products are nowadays easily found in large department stores and malls all around Korea. Seul et Unique is excited to be the first to introduce the best quality gel strips in Finland. 

Real Gel Strips
Made in Korea
Easy & simple to apply & to remove
Top coat & UV not needed
Long lasting
Perfect fitting
Apply directly on your nails.
You can have your gel nail done 
anytime and anywhere.

  How to apply

  1. Remove all grease with nail acetone ( You can apply base coat before applying strips)

  2. Choose 10% smaller size of  gel strip than your nail size.

  3. Firmly apply the nail strips from the cuticle line to the nail edge and press down enough.

  4. File off the excess part of gel strip using only a downward motion at the edge of the fingernail until the strip matches perfectly the shape of your nails. 

How to remove

Peel off slowly from the cuticle line. Use warm water when peeling and the strip will go off more smoothly.

  • Nail: 20 strips in 8 different sizes, 1 mini file
  • Pedi: 26 strips in 9 different sizes, 1 mini file
  • Kids: 16 strips in 5 different sizes, 1 mini file


  • SGS and Reach certifications guarantee the safetiness. The product is made of harmless materials using good manufacturing practices. You can use it without a worry.

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