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How to apply

1. Remove all grease with nail acetone
(You can apply base coat before applying strips)

2. Choose 10% smaller size of gel strip than your nail size.

3. Apply from the cuticle line. Wrap the whole nail and
press the strip down thoroughly.

4. File off the excess part of the gel strip slowly and gently

​How to remove  Slowly peel the strip off from the cuticle line
(Using warm water makes removing smoother)

*PEDI  26 strips in 9 sizes, 1 mini file  *Hand printing silk screen method *Made in Korea


Q. What are gel nail strips? 

A. Simply described, these are nail stickers but they are made of real gel with patented printing method that only GLOSSYBLOSSOM uses. This makes the nail very glossy, even more than nail salons. The strips are thin and flexible, and you wrap your nail with the strip and file the excess part aways so that the gel strip fits perfectly on your nail. It is a new innovation that lets you have real gel nails anytime & anywhere easily and affordably.

Q. How long the gel strips last? 

A. It depends on how well they are applied. When properly applied they usually stay up to 2 weeks or even more, but we recommend to keep them from 5 to 7 days so the nail can breath.

A. GLOSSYBLOSSOM's gel nail strips are using hand-printing silk screen method in a proprietary way that makes the gel nail strips very high quality. The whole creation process (design, manufacturing, quality control) happens in one building, so they can supervise everything and make sure the products are of perfect quality. They also have gotten safety certifications that guarantee that the strips don't have any negative impact on nail health. The manufacturer has focused on perfecting the quality since they started.

Q. What makes GLOSSYBLOSSOM gel nail strips high quality? 

Q. How many strips are in one package?

A. For fingernails there are 20 gel nail strips in 8 sizes. For pedi, there are 26 strips in 9 sizes, and for kids, there are 16 strips 5 sizes. Every package has 1 mini file included so you don't need to buy a nail file separately.

Q. Can we take SAUNA with gel nails? 

A. Of course! It is a fully waterproof product that can handle even more than just sauna. You can swim, take bath or do dishes. If a gel nail strip comes off, then you can just apply one of the remaining strips (10 strips are left after one time use). It is super easy and simple to fix your gel nails.

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