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Seul et unique was founded by a Korean who knows the real k-trends and what is truly good and unique. You can find these unique high quality products from Seoul at We have four brands so far and and more uniques will come.

The unique no.1 is a k-beauty item that is the first 'gel nail strip' product in Finland. Gel nail strips is a big trend in Korea. These self-adhesive gel strips are the new way of doing  gel nails. They are easy to apply and long lasting. The Glossyblossom's gel nail strips are known for their high quality. The quality is guaranteed by the manufacturing process that is carried out in the same building with the main office. This allows everyone in the company to observe and audit the quality of the manufacturing line. Their own special printing technology makes the gel nails glossy and enable 3D textures that look very beautiful and sophistcated. Other brands who made similar products after Glossyblossom have not been able to compete with the Glossyblossom's gel nail strips. Seul et unique is very happy to introduce the real Glossyblossom gel nail strips to Finland.  

The unique no 2. is for babies and toddlers. The brand name is COCONORY and they make high quality baby products. Their design is very practical and functional. The products are easy to use for babies and toddlers, and also easy for parents to keep clean and hygienic. Seul et unique is importing a special 4 in 1 feeder that also has teether, toothbrush and 100ml cup. We have also selected another COCONORY product which is a bowl and cup set for toddlers. Both products have very thoughtful design and international certifications such as CE, FDA and KC that guarantee parents the safety of the products for their precious children. My baby was very happy to use all their products and that's why Seul et unique have selected them. 

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JUL-SEP 2020


31 OCT 2019

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18-20 OCT 2019



We are happy to announce that the toy shop 'ZICCO' in Helsinki started selling our 'unique no.1' selection's 'Princess Gelica' line gel nail strips for kids. You can find the high quality and safe gel nail strips for your precious children in ZICCO store in the middle of Helsinki.



Very happy to see how customers were amazed to have their gel nail done on site so simply fast and perfectly. We are hoping that more people get to know about Gel nail strips so they can have so stylish nails with affordable price.

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