Glossyblossom Gel Nail Strips Violet Grace

Glossyblossom Gel Nail Strips Violet Grace

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Gloss, Product No. 45430

High-Quality, Made in Korea


20 Nail strips, 1 Mini file

8 Different sizes of nail strips

  • Product info.

    Proprietary coating technology that results in superior glossiness

    Long lasting / Easy to apply

    No additional hardening with UV light needed

    Top coat not needed

    Materials: Polyurethane, UV

    Made of harmless materials

    Manufactured: ShineB

    Made in Korea

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    Delivery to Finland l Standard 2.90€

    Free delivery over 20€ 

    Delivery in 2-5 working days

    Payment methods: Credit / Debit card

  • How to apply and remove


    1. Remove all grease with nail acetone. If the nail is not in good condition it’s good to use base coat.

    2. Choose a proper size strip for your nail and carefully remove it from the sheet.

    3. Firmly apply the nail strip from the cuticle line to the nail edge.

    4. File the excess strip off with a nail file using only downward motion.

    Caution: Use the product only for its original purpose. Keep away from children. Remove after 7 days of use.

    Removing: Slowly peel off starting from the cuticle line