Glossyblossom Pro Half-Cured Gel Nail Strips Love Rosy

Glossyblossom Pro Half-Cured Gel Nail Strips Love Rosy


GLOSSYBLOSSOM PRO is made of real UV-Gel with a half-curing condition that turns into a professional salon quality gel nails after cured using a UV lamp. 


Love Rosy, Gloss

28 Nail strips, 1 Wooden stick, 1 Mini file 

  • Product info.

    Proprietary coating technology that results in superior glossiness

    Long lasting / Easy to apply

    No additional hardening with UV light needed

    Top coat not needed

    Materials: Polyurethane, UV

    Made of harmless materials

    Manufactured: ShineB

    Made in Korea


    Delivery and payment

    Delivery to Finland l Standard 2.90€

    Free delivery over 20€ 

    Delivery in 2-5 working days

    Payment methods: Credit / Debit card

  • Instructions

    How to apply: 1. Remove all grease with nail acetone. It’s also recommended to use base coat. 2. Choose about 10% smaller strip than the size of your nail. 3. Firmly apply the strip from the cuticle line and cut the excess part off with a nail cutter or scissors  4. Cure the nails with UV/LED lamp 5. Finnish the nail shape with a nail file

    How to remove: Soak the enclosed wood stick in any nail remover and  softly push from the edge of the nail.

  • Storage & Caution

    - These half-cured gel nail strips are sensitive of temperature. Keep them in room temperature in the original package. If the strips are kept in cold, take them to room temperature to warm up before use.

    - Do not be expose to sun or UV/LED lamp light before using.

    - Sweat, moisture, oil and hand cream left on your nails are the main reasons of weak ahdesion, so clean the naild properly before applying.

    - Use gel nail strips for only healthy nails and do not keep them on for more than 7 days. 

    - Do not use if there is anyting wrong with the nails or surrounding skin. 

    - Do not use for other than intended purpose.

    - Keep out of reach of childern.

    - Exchage or return is not allowed after use.